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Ladies—don’t want to learn to shoot from your husband/boyfriend? Can’t relate to those tacticool camo-wearing guys? Come learn in a relaxed environment from a female instructor who understands what it’s like to start from scratch! You will be comfortable and safe in our classes, and you will be able to turn fear into caution, and channel your nervousness into excitement.


Guys—New to shooting, or returning after a long hiatus? There’s no better time to get in the saddle!

Ready to get your Texas License to Carry? We offer both the required classroom training and the shooting qualification.


Our state-of-the-art laser range offers the opportunity to learn firearms safety without live fire, while you hone your marksmanship. And our scenario-based video training software helps you learn decision-making in defensive circumstances.


Context is important: Beyond learning the mechanics of safe handling of a handgun, you need to understand state and Federal laws, as well as the laws of self-defense. Also, consider one of our non-firearms courses, such as “Refuse To Be A Victim,” or our Real Estate Safety course, to enhance your situational awareness and defensive thinking.

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