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Meet The Instructors

Claudia McCue

Chief Trainer

Instructor Credentials:

  • Texas LTC

  • NRA Pistol , CCW , "Refuse to Be A Victim"

  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

  • Certified GLOCK armorer

Terry Frazier

Assistant Trainer

Gunsmith/Firearms Services Manager

Instructor Credentials:

  • Texas LTC

  • NRA Pistol & CCW

  • NRA Range Safety Officer

  • Certified GLOCK  Armorer


NOTE: We do not own or operate a public live-fire shooting range. We use a private, members-only outdoor range to conduct our live-fire training.

Sabine Valley Arms is a partnership between Terry Frazier and Claudia McCue. We're avid believers in everyone's right to self defense. Our goal is to equip our students with the mindset and tools to avoid confrontation and the knowledge to function in defensive situations.

You deserve the best training and education available—training based on proven fundamentals but regularly updated for changing technologies, societal values, and everyday situations you may face. To bring this to you, we strive to acquire 20–40 hours per year of live, in-person training and education from well-regarded, nationally-recognized trainers and schools.

To date, Ms. McCue has accumulated more than 350 hours of defensive firearms training in pistol and rifle from a wide variety of top-tier trainers. She has passed formal firearm qualifications including the Georgia Standard Qualification Course (for law enforcement) at 89.3%, the FBI Pistol Qualification Course at 93.3%, and the Rangemaster Short Skills Course at 84%. In addition, she has completed Structure Clearing and Active Shooter force-on-force training courses. She also has 40 hours in Gunsmithing Techniques at an NRA-accredited gunsmithing school, and is a GLOCK certified armorer.

Mr. Frazier has accumulated more than 240 hours of advanced defensive firearms training in pistol, rifle, and shotgun, and more than 320 hours of in-person gunsmith training at NRA-accredited gunsmithing schools in NC and OK.

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