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Duration: 3 hours classroom, 3 hours range time

Prerequisites: None

This is the class for you, if you:

  • Don’t own a handgun (and even if you do)

  • Have never shot a handgun

  • Have shot a few times but it was years ago

  • Have shot a few times but don’t feel confident

  • Have never taken a shooting course or worked with a shooting Instructor

     This is the class you should take before you try to get your LTC. The Texas LTC course does not teach you how to shoot and is not appropriate for people with little or no shooting experience.

     Basic Pistol 1 has four unique features which will benefit almost everyone taking their first class, just getting started or needing a refresher on the fundamentals:

     You don’t need to own, buy or borrow anything - no gun, no personal protection equipment, no ammunition - to take this class. Everything you need (except a baseball cap) is included in the $95 price.

     The first half of this course takes place in our simulation studio - a specially equipped classroom with multiple simulation tools and setups which allow students to experience every aspect of shooting (including the feel of real pistols) in a safe, clean, quiet, air conditioned environment. You will go to the live fire range with confidence, knowing you have already mastered safe gun-handling skills and basic marksmanship.

     We start with .22LR pistols and work through a variety of drills before moving up to .380 or 9mm. The .22LR caliber has less energy and noise than larger calibers, and is perfect for proving your skills and mastering fundamentals. You will immediately feel confident on the live fire range because you will have used a simulated .22LR pistol in class.

     You will be able to choose from a variety of .380/9mm pistols when we move to the standard caliber portion of the range day. Even if you have your own standard caliber pistol you will have the option to try something different for a few rounds.

     The live fire portion of this class takes place at East Texas Rifle & Pistol Club after the completion of the classroom portion.


In this class, you will learn:

  • The latest technologies and requirements in firearm safety, ammunition and home storage

  • The fundamentals of semi-auto pistols

  • The fundamentals of safe gun handling

  • The basics of marksmanship, including

  • How to build a strong grip

  • How to build a proper stance

  • Proper use of sights

  • Trigger and Breath Control

  • Basic manipulations of the action (slide)

  • Proper Ready/Retention positions


At the end of this class you will be:

  • Confidently and safely shooting 4” targets at 3yd and 7 yds.

  • Confidently and safely loading, unloading and clearing your handgun

  • Confidently manipulating the action of your handgun

  • Excited about your next trip to the range.

Basic Pistol 2 + LTC Qual:

Schedule and registration here

Click here for women-only version

Subtitle: Enhanced Pistol Shooting Fundamentals Class + LTC Qual

Duration: 4 hours range time

General Region: Tyler, Smith Co, Gregg Co, East TX

Prerequisites: Basic Pistol 1 OR demonstrated equivalent competency


This is the class for you, if you:

  • Have successfully completed “SVA Basic Pistol 1 – How to Shoot a Handgun” OR can demonstrate equivalent competency

  • Are ready to take your handgun shooting to the next level and build confidence at 7-, 10- and 15-yard distances.

  • Are ready to experience “beyond the basics” pistol training with time pressure as well as distance and target variation

  • Want to master the skills needed to confidently pass the Texas LTC qualification

Basic Pistol 2 is an advanced fundamentals course which builds on the basics established in Basic Pistol 1. This class takes place entirely at East Texas Rifle & Pistol Club. There is no classroom portion.

Documentation Requirements

  • Students are required to present a valid, government-issued photo ID.

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by a responsible adult.

  • Students must sign a liability and legal waiver.

  • New students must complete a New Student Questionnaire to aid in assessing their experience level and identify any limitations or restrictions.


Prerequisites:  SVA Basic Pistol 1 OR  demonstrated comparable ability

  • This class requires that you already know the basics – grip, stance, use of sights, breath control and how to keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target. If you cannot show basic competency with these fundamentals, you will not be allowed to take the class.
  • This class requires that you be able to pass (at 75% or better) the simple, 20-round NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting qualification at three (3) yards. If you cannot score 75% or better on this simple test you will be asked to reschedule to a different class.


Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

  • ​Students who wish to purchase a Loaner Package (firearm+ammo) must be 21 or older.
  • Contact the Instructor for information on Loaner Packages.


200 rds minimum, 250 rds recommended. We will shoot approximately 125 rds in class. You will need 50 rds for the LTC qual.

  • ​New, name-brand factory ammunition in mfg box. No reloads.
  • Must meet SAAMI specs


  • Students should bring a their own semiautomatic pistol or revolver, or purchase a “Loaner Package” which is a gun/ammo/PPE package for use during the class. Please contact the Instructor to arrange for a Loaner Package

  • Students wishing to use our handgun+ammunition Loaner Package must be 21 or older.
  • .22-caliber or greater handgun – either semi-auto pistol or revolver - in good working order
  • No modifications which could affect safety

  • Firearm subject to inspection and approval by Instructor

  • No optics – No Red Dots, prism optics or optical enhancers. You are welcome to run an optic in class, but they are prohibited by law for the Texas LTC qualification.

Personal Protection:

Can be rented from us

  • Ear protection - Over-the-ear muffs preferred. Must be firearm-rated. Absolutely no stereo ear buds or AirPods

  • Eye protection - Safety glasses required. We have over-glasses style safety glasses for those with prescription eye wear.


Classes run Rain or Shine. Please be prepared for inclement weather.

  • Cap or hat with visor

  • Collared shirt - no tank tops, halters or v-necks. Ladies, no brass-catching cleavage please.

  • Closed-toe shoes - no sandals, flip-flops or open footwear. Ladies, no heels please.

Topics Include:

In this class, we will cover:

  • A review of your marksmanship fundamentals

  • Diagnostics of common shooting errors

  • Clearing the three types of handgun malfunctions

  • Shooting accurately at 7- and 15-yard distances (many defensive scenarios occur beyond 3 yds)

  • One-handed shooting (Nothing says you will be able to use both hands in a real defensive incident)

  • Shooting under time pressure

  • Dry fire techniques you can use at home to continue improving

  • Optional – Those who successfully complete the class will be offered the opportunity to take an official Texas LTC Shooting Proficiency Demonstration test for the Proficiency Demonstration LTC-100 form.

Expectations and Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this class you will:

  • Be confidently and safely shooting at 3, 7 and 15 yards

  • Be confidently and safely clearing malfunctions of your handgun

  • Have clear directions on how to continue improving your shooting

  • Optional - Receive your Shooting Proficiency LTC-100 form (if applicable)

Title: TX License To Carry Lecture Portion (Classroom Only—No Shooting)

Schedule and registration here

Women-only version coming soon!

Subtitle: Mandatory Classroom Education for LTC Applicants

Video URL:

Duration: 6 hours

General Region: Tyler, Smith Co, Gregg Co, East TX

Prerequisites: None


This class is available to everyone. It presents the fundamentals which the Texas Legislature considers necessary for anyone who is going to carry a firearm. You do not need to be applying for an LTC to benefit from this class.

   The Texas Legislature and Texas Department of Public Safety require that all License to Carry Applicants complete an official LTC classroom education course delivered by a licensed Texas LTC Instructor. The course may be no less than four (4) hours, no more than six (6) hours, and must include the following categories of education:

  • Texas Gun and Use of Force Law

  • Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

  • Safe Gun Storage and Access

  • Safe Gun Handling

The course may include other topics at the discretion of the Instructor, but a minimum of four (4) hours must be spent on the above topics.

   Our LTC classroom includes Bonus material on dealing with defensive scenarios, making good defensive choices, and thinking ahead about what might be required of you in an emergency. You will get an introductory session to our Image Based Decision Drills course, which is an advanced role-play course in defensive thinking and acting.

   Anyone can take this course. It is suitable for everyone, and provides fundamental knowledge of Texas law, when and where you can carry, de-escalating conflicts and the basics of storage and gun handling – all of which the Legislature considers necessary for LTC Applicants.

   This class does not teach you how to shoot. The LTC was never intended to teach you how to shoot.It  is about how to behave responsibly with, and around, a gun. It exposes you to the minimum required base of knowledge to be a responsible, law-abiding gun owner and to stay out of trouble.

Documentation Requirements:

  • If you just want to audit this course – you do not want the LTC-100 form – no documentation is required.

  • If you want the LTC-100 then you must meet the following:

    1. Students are required to present a valid, government-issued photo ID.

    2. Students must be at least 18 years of age.


There are no requirements to attend this lecture-only class

Topics Include:

In this class, you will learn:

  • Basic Texas Gun Law

  • Fundamentals of Self Defense Law

  • ユNon-violent Conflict Resolution

  • Firearm Safety, safe storage and holster selection

  • Safe gun handling

  • Making decisions in a critical encounter

Expectations and Outcomes:

Upon successful completion Student will receive (if desired) the LTC-100 Classroom form required for applying for the Texas LTC.


Our women-only classes are identical to the regular class offering, just limited to female students. If you're more comfortable in that environment, these are the classes for you! Each class listing on this page includes a link to register for the women-only version of the class in BLUE. Click that link to register.

These classes will be taught by SVA Gun Training’s Chief Instructor Claudia McCue.

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